Rehabilite, in Media News 05/01/2018 12:08

Since the beginning of Rehabilite, the different phases of this European initiative have aroused public interest, thanks to the dissemination made by the consortium's partners. Below, we provide links to media that have published information regarding this Intererg Sudoe project, or related to financial instruments applied to the energy rehabilitation of buildings.SpainDECEMBER 2017Idae: Segunda convocatoria del Programa de Ayudas para la Rehabilitación... Read more

The second Rehabilite Transnational Forum took place in Bordeaux News 05/12/2017 09:12

From January 2017, 500,000 renovations must be carried out per year in France. This figure is divided into 380,000 private accommodations and 120,000 social accommodations. If the objectives of the social or collective-private sphere are in the hands of a professionalized set of actors subject to very specific limitations, the private individual housing sector is particularly complex to mobilize. One of the main needs is, therefore, to find new ideas,... Read more

The French Federation of the building sector and Rehabilite analyze measures to improve gender equality in the construction sector News 27/11/2017 14:07

Within the actions planned to improve gender equality in Rehabilite project, the French Federation of the building sector participated on November 23th at the consortium meeting that took place in Bordeaux, presenting the measures that France is currently implementing to improve gender equality in the building sector. This seminar follows the training session on gender equality that was carried out in Pamplona, in December 2016, during which the beneficiaries... Read more

Rehabilite’s personalized advisory service on financing and energy renovation is on air! News 16/10/2017 11:52

Rehabilite has launched a free and tailored advice service on financing and energy efficiency, open to any interested person or legal entity. The interested parties will be able to obtain information, training and advice on different measures to improve energy efficiency of their home as well as available financing formulas, like the existing aids in their region, among other issues.How to use this new service?In order to receive this personalized... Read more

Rehabilite launches the 2nd Transnational Forum, to be held in Bordeaux Event 16/10/2017 10:54

The 2nd Transnational Rehabilite Forum will be held on 24 November at the Cité Mondiale Conference Center in Bordeaux, France, which will bring together experts and speakers to present a general framework of energy renovation in France. In addition, it will analyze the policies that this country has undertaken to promote the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as the financial instruments used to successfully achieve these... Read more

Rehabilite, with the World Environment Day News 05/06/2017 09:50

Rehabilite joins the celebration of the World Environment Day, promoting an efficient construction through energy renovation, which respects Environment and provides comfort, health and well-being for people’s life and for our planet.Rehabilite add thus with United Nations’ principles that seek the protection and improvement of human environment as a fundamental step to ensure the well-being of people and the economic development of the... Read more

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