Rehabilite launches its innovative 'Sudoe Methodology', for ex ante evaluations of energy renovation in Spain, Portugal and southern France Noticia 10/12/2018 11:44


One of the results of the Rehabilite project, which stands out for its novelty and relevance, is the recently launched "Sudoe Methodology, a guide for the preparation of ex ante evaluations focused on energy renovation in theconstruction sector", which is already available free of charge in all project languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Within the barriers identified for the energy renovation of buildings, financing is one of the most determining. The introduction of Innovative Financial Instruments (IFI) to overcome this limits requires, according to the European regulation, an ex ante evaluation for its design and implementation.

The Sudoe Methodology aims precisely to support the Management Authorities (MA) with the design of their ex ante studies, making the foreseen FIs adequate for the identified market deficiency or for the suboptimal investment situation, ensuring that they contribute to achieve the objectives of the program and the ESIFs (European Structural and Investment Funds). It is therefore a guidance material, primarily targeting the Public Administration, which systematizes the procedures for this essential step in the development of Financial Instruments for energy renewal.

Structured in six chapters, the publication includes the main recommendations, challenges and opportunities derived from the project's experience in its application in the five involved regions.

Based on participatory strategies, the Sudoe Methodology addresses common challenges to the Sudoe region while providing strategies that lead to a better definition of the starting situation, a correct evaluation of market needs, a better integration of private capital and a more active participation of public institutions.


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