Rehabilite’s personalized advisory service on financing and energy renovation is on air! Noticia 16/10/2017 11:52


Rehabilite has launched a free and tailored advice service on financing and energy efficiency, open to any interested person or legal entity.

The interested parties will be able to obtain information, training and advice on different measures to improve energy efficiency of their home as well as available financing formulas, like the existing aids in their region, among other issues.

How to use this new service?

In order to receive this personalized advice, users must complete a series of basic information about their home through the form that appears in the TechnicalAdvice section of the Rehabilite website.

From there, a professional expert in the matter will answer your questions and will offer a response, in the requested language, according to your place of residence and housing conditions. The service is available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, and its access will be operational until December 2018.

The platform also offers two other channels to obtain personalized information, also available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, available during the same period:

  • A form for requesting general information about the project and the topics related to this initiative: energy renovation, energy efficiency, financing of energy renovation, European energy objectives, related financial instruments, services offered, etc.
  •  A form for requesting information on the available training in energy efficiency and its financing.

Through these tools, Rehabilite wants to provide solutions, in a direct and contextualized way, to those persons and entities interested in increasing the energy efficiency of their homes, improving their thermal comfort with advantageous economic conditions, making savings on their bills, carrying out an energy renovation in their homes or expanding their knowledge in the field through training.

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