The second Rehabilite Transnational Forum took place in Bordeaux Noticia 05/12/2017 09:12

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From January 2017, 500,000 renovations must be carried out per year in France. This figure is divided into 380,000 private accommodations and 120,000 social accommodations. If the objectives of the social or collective-private sphere are in the hands of a professionalized set of actors subject to very specific limitations, the private individual housing sector is particularly complex to mobilize. One of the main needs is, therefore, to find new ideas, levers and tools that allow a much larger number of households to embark voluntarily, through ideas, clues or innovative concepts that make the modernization of energy simpler and more attractive.

Within the framework of this forum, which has brought together more than 80 participants from France, Spain and Portugal, several speakers and experts have analyzed the policies adopted in France to promote the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings and presented financial instruments developed to respond to national needs.

The national and regional context was developed, first of all, by the GIE des CERC network. The needs to initiate the energy transition at national and local level were then addressed from an economic point of view, with the interventions of the representatives of the Agence Nationale pour l'Environnement et l'Energie (ADEME) (National Agency for the Environment and Energy), the Plan Bâtiment Durable ou du Conseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine (New Aquitaine Regional Council). Several practical instruments were finally presented, such as INEF 4 or the SEM ARTEE, as well as Rénover Facile du Pôle CREAHd.

A brief presentation of the Pôle CREAHd, a cluster of the construction and materials sector in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, underscored the importance of its 11 years of activity at the service of the sector’s stakeholders. With 150 members to date, it has supported 40 innovation projects and offers different formats of advice and support to make its network increasingly competitive.

Cross-border collaboration is, in fact, an important vector for the development and competitiveness of the companies represented by the cluster, being precisely this issue of the financing of energy renewal a shared challenge with European counterparts. These common interests led CREAHd to integrate the REHABILITE project, a project within the framework of which this forum was organized.

Interventions and exchanges within the framework of the Forum have led to constructive conclusions and work axes to deepen the subject. The reasons for betting on energy renovation go beyond the energy argument: comfort, health, adaptation to the needs of old age and home care should also be taken into account as strong arguments that support the final decision of the user. The clarity of the information, the steps to follow and the aids available to the average user depend to a large extent on the existence of local support. The reinforcement of an adapted communication on existing instruments and devices, in order to ensure that they are accessible to all, is an indispensable element to achieve the aforementioned objectives. A figure is revealing regarding this reality: more than 40% of French users have never benefited from any help from the State to undertake energy renovation.

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