Third Rehabilite Transnational Forum will take place in May in Portugal Evento 11/04/2018 12:17


The Third Transnational Forum of Rehabilite Project will be held on 25th May, in Amarante (Tâmega e Sousa), Portugal, gathering experiences about energy renovation and its financing in the specific Portuguese context.


Key experts and speakers will present a general framework of energy renovation, different best local practices and examples of the policies that Portugal has undertaken to promote the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as the financial instruments used to successfully achieve these policies.


Needs, challenges and opportunities will be addressed from a financial perspective, with interventions by representatives of the Management Structure of IFRRU 2020 – Financial Instrument for Urban Rehabilitation and Revitalization, of the PF4EE – Private Finance for Energy Efficiency, a financial instrument for energy efficiency that results from a joint agreement between the European Investment Bank and the European Commission, and of the AFI – International Financial Analysts, among others.


Rehabilite’s Forums are spaces for the exchange of good practices, successful experiences and networking in order to promote energy renovation in the geographical area of ​​the Interreg Sudoe program to which it belongs – that is, southern France, Spain and Portugal –, becoming a prominent framework for first-hand knowledge of the steps taken so far, the current situation and the prospects for achieving European environmental objectives.


Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) hosted the First Transnational Forum of the Rehabilite Project which brought together about 80 participants, representatives of authorities, professionals and experts in the field of renovation from more than 15 European regions of Spain, France and Portugal. The Second Transnational Forum of the Rehabilite Project took place in Bordeaux (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France), focusing on the specificities of French strategies and successful experiences. This third Forum closes this general overview of the situation of energy renovation in the three countries involved in the project.


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