The Project


The European Commission sees energy efficiency in buildings as a priority of the Energy Union, yet in many SUDOE space regions (Spain, France, Portugal) there are still important financial barriers for energy renovation of buildings.


Rehabilite aims to provide solutions to the challenge of identifying and using successful financial tools to break the investment barrier for energy renovation of private housing and public building.

The project also seeks to support energy renovation financing through the mobilisation of European investment funds, technical assistance and training.

Specific Objectives: 

    • To offer a permanent support service to policies for energy renovation in the SUDOE space.
    • To promote the implementation of innovative financing tools in policies for energy renovation.
    • To prove the technical viability of energy renovation projects using innovative financial tools


    The Project considers the following actions aimed at public administrations, enterprises, financial sector and end users:


    The web platform gathers all the information related to the actions and offers, among other services, examples of good practices, technical advisory   and online training.

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