UDF Pomorskie

  • Información general
  • Nombre del IF:UDF Pomorskie
  • País:Polonia
  • Región:Pomorskie
  • Descripción del modelo
  • Titularidad:Público + Privado
  • Autoridad de gestión:BGK ( Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego) (The state Development Bank of Poland)
  • Gestor del Fondo:ERDF ( European Regional Development Fund)
  • Duración:time
  • Tamaño del fondo (Fondos totales disponibles en EUR):59.96 M€
  • Fuente de financiación:(ERDF: 33.87 M€ , Regional co-financing : 5,98M€ , BGK:20.11M€)
  • Tipo de proyecto:Eficiencia energética
  • Subtipo de proyecto:Rehabilitación de edificios
  • Descripción del IF:Urban Development Fund in Pomorskie is an ERDF cpo-funded financial instrument (FI) managed by BGK ( Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego) (The state Development Bank of Poland) with a budget of about 60 M euros. It was implemented under the Pomorskie Regional Operation Program (ROP) 2007-2013.The FI supports urban projects in the region´s four major cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and Stupsk. The instrument addressed market gaps and gained reputation among promoters and contributed to stability among investors in the region.
  • Objetivos generales:The Fund's main objectives are : 1) define a new tool to support regions´ urban policy considering a territorial based approach, 2) close the capital market gap while providing strategic urban planning and facilitate social benefit, 3) increase the impact of Structural Funds (SF) and Regional Operation Programme (ROP) in urban development due to renewable nature of the financial instrument, 4) support for revenue -generating investments and housing, 5) Enhance the region´s SF absorption capacity, 5) pave the way to use non-grant support mechanisms in the EU financial period 2014-2020.
  • Principales resultados alcanzados:Main results: Targets - description, quantification, when. E.g. 28 000 tonnes of CO2 saved p.a.; 100 jobs created; 123 456 kWh saved p.a.
    - Public facilities used by 658.480 citizens;
    - 1.06 million kwh of energy saved;
    - 41 jobs directly created;
  • Perfil de riesgo
  • Riesgo de rendimiento:Property Owner
  • Riesgo financiero:Property Owner
  • Proyecto de ejemplo - Caso (Ejemplo de un proyecto financiado a través del instrumento financiero descrito)

Título del proyecto: Thermomodernization of the apartment building on Warszawska 76 street in Gdynia (project completed)

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