Bristol Retrofitting

  • Información general
  • Nombre del IF:Bristol Retrofitting
  • País:Reino Unido
  • Región:Bristol City and wider sub-region
  • Descripción del modelo
  • Titularidad:Público
  • Autoridad de gestión:Bristol City Council
  • Gestor del Fondo:European Local Energy Assistance
  • Duración:n/a
  • Tamaño del fondo (Fondos totales disponibles en EUR):2,6 M€
  • Fuente de financiación:Grant from ELENA-EIB: EUR 2,612,207
  • Tipo de proyecto:Eficiencia energética + Energías renovables
  • Subtipo de proyecto:Rehabilitación de edificios, Energía solar fotovoltaica, Plantas de congeneración, Energía solar térmica
  • Descripción del IF:To implement its climate objectives, the Bristol City Council developed an inclusive (ELENA) programme. Named Bristol Retrofitting - Innovative Technologies for Everyone (BRITE), the program articulates climate targets and social priorities. It is structured around the development of a municipal energy company, the first of its kind in the UK, to provide low-cost and low-carbon energy to local residents. It is associated with a scheme to improve the energy efficiency of Bristol’s building stock and to increase local renewable energy supply.
  • Objetivos generales:The investment should reduce by at least 30% energy consumption and CO2 emissions Energy saved: 59 GWh/y Renewables electricity production: 77 GWh CO2 reduced: 37,834 t/y
  • Principales resultados alcanzados:n/a
  • Descripción del modelo financiero
  • Tipo de beneficiarios:Rehabilitación de edificios, Energía solar fotovoltaica, Plantas de congeneración, Energía solar térmica
  • Tipo de instrumento financiero:Garantía, Programa de incentivos (Certificados Blancos)
  • Modelo de reembolso:The owner will repay an amount less than or equal to the post-renovation energy savings (on average 56% of savings, for a posted target of 50 to 75%-reduced final consumption). This advance on energy savings is granted at a rate of 2%, given over a period of 15 years, for equipment, and up to 25 years for building insulation works. - the withdrawal of limited partners may not have the effect of lowering the share capital under the statutory minimum capital by € 212,000. A limited partner who withdraws from a right to reimbursement of the unamortized nominal amount of his shares shall reduce or reduce his share of profits, reserves and other premiums, or losses, as the case may be.
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  • Otra información: Other: 1. Domestic Low Carbon Refurbishment Municipal housing energy efficiency scheme Private sector housing scheme Domestic PV scheme 2. The Public Building Low Carbon Refurbishment Installation of PV on public rooftops Energy efficiency improvements and renewable heating schemes in public buildings 3. The District Heating Project
  • Perfil de riesgo
  • Riesgo de rendimiento:Property Owner
  • Riesgo financiero:Property Owner
  • Proyecto de ejemplo - Caso (Ejemplo de un proyecto financiado a través del instrumento financiero descrito)

Título del proyecto: Bristol Energy Cooperative

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