PF4EE. Línea BEI Hoteles Tenerife

  • Información general
  • Nombre del IF:PF4EE. Línea BEI Hoteles Tenerife
  • País:España
  • Región:Several regions
  • Descripción del modelo
  • Titularidad:Público
  • Autoridad de gestión:European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • Gestor del Fondo:Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE programme)
  • Duración:3 years
  • Tamaño del fondo (Fondos totales disponibles en EUR):50 M€
  • Fuente de financiación:Loans: European Investment Bank: 50 M€
  • Tipo de proyecto:Eficiencia energética
  • Subtipo de proyecto:Rehabilitación de edificios, Calderas de condesación, Biomasa
  • Descripción del IF:The European Investment Bank and Banco Santander signed an agreement under the Private Finance for Energy Efficiency initiative (PF4EE), instrument is a joint agreement between the EIB and the European Commission (under the LIFE programme) which aims to address the limited access to adequate and affordable commercial financing for energy efficiency investments. PF4EE Expert Support Facility provided to Financial Intermediary (Banco Santander) a technical support to develop bankable efficiency investments and suitable financial products in line with the European Energy efficiency guidelines. PF4EE compromises three components: an EIB loan to the financial intermediary to be on-lent for financing of energy efficiency investments (“EE Loan”). A risk mitigation mechanism, which covers losses incurred in the portfolio of EE loans granted by the financial intermediary to on-lend the EE Loan (“Risk Sharing Facility”). And the last one, consultancy services aiming at supporting the financial intermediary to create the abovementioned EE loans portfolio (“Expert Support Facility”) Highlights: AAA-rated risk mitigation solution covering up to 80% of the losses of new loans. Reduced credit risk and lower capital consumption through the risk mitigation solution. Collateral payment occurs upon default; pro-rata sharing of recoveries. EIB Energy Efficiency Loans may refinance up to 75% of the capital cost of Energy Efficiency Investments. Technical support provided for free to the FIs to facilitate the implementation of the PF4EE project. The PF4EE can be combined with a state, regional or local EE grant program acceptable for EIB.
  • Objetivos generales:Reduce CO2 emission of hotels, hostels and other tourist establishments that have less than 250 employees.
  • Principales resultados alcanzados:Unknown data
  • Descripción del modelo financiero
  • Tipo de beneficiarios:Rehabilitación de edificios, Calderas de condesación, Biomasa
  • Tipo de instrumento financiero:Préstamos
  • Modelo de reembolso:The owner will repay the amount lended to the financial intermediary, Banco Santander.
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  • Otra información: Lock up period (payment start): Depending on the case Loan default rate ( % of unpaid or overdue loans): Minimum interest rate, p.a.: Depending on the case Maximum interest rate, p.a.: Depending on the case Maximum repayment period, in months: 36 to 96 months Maximum % of project financed by FI: Between 50% and 75% Other: Financing 12,5 M€ maximum each project. Available for hotels, hostels and other tourist establishments that have less than 250 employees.
  • Perfil de riesgo
  • Riesgo de rendimiento:Property Owner
  • Riesgo financiero:Fund Manager + Managing Authority: •The Risk Sharing Facility provides “cash-collateral” to commercial banks to cover losses incurred in relation to the EE loan portfolio. •It will cover up to 80% (“Collateral Rate”) of losses on a “loan-by-loan” basis, up to a maximum amount (“Collateral Cap Amount”). •Funds will be deposited on the “Collateral Account” proportionally to the build-up of the EE Loan Portfolios.
  • Proyecto de ejemplo - Caso (Ejemplo de un proyecto financiado a través del instrumento financiero descrito)

Título del proyecto: Air conditioning- 4 * Coast Hotel

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