Picardie Pass Rénovation 2

  • Información general
  • Nombre del IF:Picardie Pass Rénovation 2
  • País:Francia
  • Región:Picardie Region
  • Descripción del modelo
  • Titularidad:Público
  • Autoridad de gestión:Regional Council of Picardie (Conseil Régional de Picardie)
  • Gestor del Fondo:SPEE Picardie
  • Duración:8 years
  • Tamaño del fondo (Fondos totales disponibles en EUR):59 Million €
  • Fuente de financiación:GRANTS: ELENA-ADEME-FEDER subsidies: 4M€ covering overheads Picardie Region allowance: 8M€ covering initial renovation projects LOANS: Caisse des dépôts et consignations/ European Investment Bank (EIB): 47M€
  • Tipo de proyecto:Eficiencia energética
  • Subtipo de proyecto:Rehabilitación de edificios
  • Descripción del IF:The Regional Council of Picardie has decided the creation of a Public Energy Efficiency Service (Service Public de l’Efficacité Energétique or SPEE), which is an integrated service for the energy renovation of residential buildings, which offers advice, accompaniment, and financing of thermal retrofit projects of private homeowners. Founded on an innovative economic model, through a dedicated public fund, the SPEE advances the amount allocated to renovation works (for an average of 42.000€); beneficiaries repay this founds through financial savings generated on their energy bill. Breaking with the public subsidy, the SPEE focusses on a virtuous, self-regulated economic model to help significantly reduce energy consumption in residential buildings and bring about local economic expansion. At the signing with the public service, investor must pay a deposit of 300€, which covers part of the total adhesion to Picardy Pass Renovation. The contribution may be extended to 25 years through monthly payments.
  • Objetivos generales:Renovate 2000 residential homes over a 3 year period with 50 to 75% energy savings through a 50 Million € investment and the creation of 33 direct jobs and 650 indirect jobs in the construction sector. Over the next 5 years, 10,000 renovations per year, for 300 Million € investment and the creation of 3.500 jobs in the construction sector.
  • Principales resultados alcanzados:By April 2016: - 1085 adhesion contracts signed by a total amount of 20M € - 112 ongoing projects - 1560 thermal diagnoses - 3000 contacts treated for the region
  • Descripción del modelo financiero
  • Tipo de beneficiarios:Privado + Público
  • Tipo de instrumento financiero:Préstamos, Ayudas, Programa de incentivos (Certificados Blancos)
  • Modelo de reembolso:The owner will repay an amount less than or equal to the post-renovation energy savings (on average 56% of savings, for a posted target of 50 to 75%-reduced final consumption). This advance on energy savings is granted at a rate of 2%, given over a period of 15 years, for equipment, and up to 25 years for building insulation works.
  • Links de interés: http://www.pass-renovation.picardie.fr/
  • Otra información: n/a
  • Perfil de riesgo
  • Riesgo de rendimiento:Property Owner / tenant
  • Riesgo financiero:Property Owner / tenant
  • Proyecto de ejemplo - Caso (Ejemplo de un proyecto financiado a través del instrumento financiero descrito)

Título del proyecto: Family in a state of energy poverty

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